Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just keep rollin'...

I didn't budge in weight, at all but I'm still losing inches. Might have to reve it up a little, literally! It's amazing to think that the harder you work, the harder you have to continue to work. That's why I tell my clients, this is an uphill climb...forever. You can never give up on setting goals, you always have to continue the climb to challenge yourself. Just when you think you've got your body figured out, something will change. Whether it be your hormones, your lifestyle or even the fact that you've plateaued...just keep on climbing. We have to strive to be better physically or we can just coast, the choice is yours. Even in your job, you need to either learn and grow so that you can rise or you can stay where your at but why settle? I challenge you to challenge yourself. Maybe a marathon, certain body fat percentage or push yourself to lift that "impossible" weight. All you need to do is remove the "im" or as I see it, "i'm" holding myself back in impossible!

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