Friday, February 4, 2011

Continuing from the beginning...

I have to make a correction from the beginning. I orginally went to school to work with the Elderly not Law and Security, that was later.

After the stabbing incident, I vowed I would never get hurt, physically by anyone. I worked out with the big boys, in a gym where they blared Metallica and had barf buckets set out on the floor. It was pretty extreme! We'd work out till we couldn't move and head to Wendy's immediately after and grab a frosty, chicken breast and a loaded baked potato...ahhh, ignorance is bliss. I continued this very regularly, for many months while trying to manage or as I like to think, ignore my depression that kept surmounting. Push it to the back of your mind and it never happened, right? Wrong! Unfortunately my mind pushed back and I hit rock bottom. With the help of two very special people, Jeff and Aracely, they helped me drudge through the sorrow. I could not have done it without them. I had to work through a lot off issues and needed to learn to ask for help. I ended up moving home because it was to surmounting. I think after I can home, most of it was a blur. I ate the same way I ate when I was training hard but the thing was, I wasn't training. I was sitting and doing absolutely nothing. This is when my percentage of body fat went up (to be honest I never even checked) and I completely checked out of this body.

I'm attaching a photo of myself but to be very honest, this wasn't me at my worst. I was probably about 153 but I got up to 160 and for someone who is 5'2, that's a lot of weight to carry.

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