Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Yamas and Niyamas AHIMSA Self-loving

Ahhhhh self-love…truly hard for all of us. Best part in the book…"we would never purchase a can of red paint and expect it to be the colour blue when we apply it to our walls"…..Our walls around us, the exterior of us. If we can not work from a place of non-violence, self-love, courage and compassion…why should we expect anything but from those around us. Truly having the courage to see ourselves as we are, in all our parts and to embrace them without judgements or expectation. To be kind to ourselves and to forgive ourselves can truly apply forgiveness, love, non-judgement and non-expectation to those around us…in whole non-violence. 

I have forgiven my past, seeing only that the weaknesses have made me stronger, the mistakes gave me the power to learn more about myself and the sadness encouraged joy. My courage to stand alone has already shown to be grand! My daughter told me she's happier that I'm not with my ex boyfriend anymore. I asked why, she said because you seems happier. She has also been coming with me to my Restorative Thai Yoga classes and is now taking a genuine interest in them and wants to help me teach them. I'm creating a beautiful little lotus for a very muddy world…I couldn't be prouder!

Much love xxxx

Thursday, November 6, 2014

AHIMSA: Non-violence

I am working on reading The Yamas and Niyamas with a group of wonderful people and I thought, how appropriate to share with everyone! :)

The Yamas and Niyamas are the 10 foundational yogic thoughts or personal observances. They give you the guidelines during your journey, as tools for your karmic backpack. This fulfilment can bring you towards the ownership of your life; by etching out the actions, attitude and thoughts of your beautiful undertaking.

AHIMSA: Non-violence or compassion for all living things, is where we being on this path. AHIMSA literally means to do "no-harm", which invites us to shine bright. Kindness, friendliness and thoughtful consideration of all things, which in hand applies to our duties and responsibilities too. 

My mentor brought up something that struck a cord with me and I quote, "Thinking we know what is better for others becomes a subtle way we do violence. When we take it upon ourselves to "help" the other person, we whittle away their sense of autonomy". The definition of autonomy is; "freedom to determine one's own actions, behaviours, etc". This means that WE are determining, expecting and judging OTHERS. Therefore when we live with non-violence, we understand that courage is not fear but rather the ability to be afraid, without being paralyzed. Therefore while courage may drive YOU forward, it could be completely debilitating for OTHERS.

*The Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele

Love, bliss, joy….enjoy the journey. xx