Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ahhh, flu season. What to do?

Well it seems it's that time again. You know, when everyone gets flu's and colds. It's a combination of the flux in the daily weather differences (minus 21 today, plus 3 tomorrow), improper dress attire, low vitamin D from our lack of sun, poor nutrition and decrease in exercise from our winter blues. What to do? Well kick it up a notch!
- supplement vitamin D, especially without seeing the sunshine regularly;
- eat properly to support your immune system;
- exercise even if you feel blue, it'll release your happy chemical and keep your body strong;
- dress appropriately for outdoor play; I'm not saying you catch a cold from the cold but if your system is already down, it's a lot harder for it to protect itself when its trying to keep you warm.

If you'd like any information on proper nutrition for the winter months, contact me today!
Shannon Jonas

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