Friday, January 6, 2012

New year, new goals, new you!

It is amazing how every year at the exact same time, millions of people make start on life! It seems like a sabotage! We go out the Eve of, eat tons of greasy, heavy foods and drink copious amounts of booze, get up in the morning and say...I'll start tomorrow...and it begins. Procrastination, excuses, let down and finally we fall back into the same old habits. WHY? Are we gluttons for punishment, do we want to disappoint ourselves, do we stare in the face of change and say, "Meh, not today".....
Let me ask you this; would you NOT take you're child to their ballet lesson or hockey practise. NO because YOU want your kids to be healthy. Would you look at a deadline at work and say, "Meh, not today."? NO because you'd possibly get fired. If one of you're friends came to you and said I want to run a marathon, would you tell them not to do in case they fail. NO because you would be a crappy friend! So why do it to yourself?
At this moment, as you are reading this blog, I want you to get up and go do what you set out to do! Exercise and set your goals; go to the grocery store to buy those groceries for you're new meal plan; start looking for a new job online and touch up your resume, if you hate your job or are unemployed; enter your closet and purge those old clothes that you've been meaning to rid yourself of because you lost weight, you AREN'T going back to that weight! Don't wait for tomorrow, for it will only bring you sorrow. DO IT NOW!