Friday, March 10, 2017


Oh, the days of the week and how they can change our moods! However, does the job you have also determine the excitement to "get up and go"? Absolutely it does! I have the pleasure to do what I love, teach people that daily movement, eating well and spirirutal wellness. It's really a lifestyle change and a gift that you can give to yourself, every damn day! However, I'm not going to lie when I say that there is nothing I'd rather do than to stay snuggled up to my man, in our warm bed and just let the day slip away, from time to time. Once the week gets going, it seems that for most people that by Wednesday we've accepted that the work week is moving along and soon enough it will be Fri-yay and that Thursday is practically Fri-yay. By doing this, are we truly being in the present moment? I think not, so when your week starts, whenever that might be...just be. Just let the next day be the next day and the day after that be that day. Stop wishing your life away because this life is too precious and too short. Today is just today and today you will have lots of things and events and moments that make it great. Be in those moments, feel everything that goes along with those moments but don't put an attachment to those happenings...just observe, learn and grow. Enjoy today-yay! 
Much love and happiness....Shannon

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blissful gratitude: Sometimes I'm wrong...

Blissful gratitude: Sometimes I'm wrong...: The greatest gift, for me, are the people in my life. One of the more recent souls that I've been blessed to meet is Ken Langille. We me...

Sometimes I'm wrong...

The greatest gift, for me, are the people in my life. One of the more recent souls that I've been blessed to meet is Ken Langille. We met over a year and a bit ago and I've had the honour to stand next to him. He has brought out the best (and worst) in me but I am completely happy with that. He supports my decisions but also challenges me to face my mistakes, without forcing me or judging me. The most recent was my lack of truly being okay with whatever we say to each other and not using it against that person, at a later date. How often do we take information and use it to manipulate a discussion or situation? We've all done it, whether we'd like to admit it or not but the truth is, when we do that over an extended period of time, we can lose the trust of 'non-judgment' from our partner, friend, family member. I only hope that I can repair and rebuild what it is that I've demolished and that he'll help me with the construction, as he always has. Thank you for loving me and annoying the $h*t out of me. I love you, forever and a day. xx

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Princess and Prince

Should every little girl not have her Prince Charming, Knight, Champion? I think so. Where have gone the days of a man being a gentlemen; holding doors, pulling out chairs, putting a lady's coat on? I'm trying to figure out where society has turned men into boys. Why have ladies stopped being ladies; not accepting when a man holds a door open, gracefully. Come back men, there are still ladies out there. Where has all the love and respect gone for each other?

What is love?

Love is bigger than you are....why; the only thing you can do is invite love in, you can not dictate, control or make love what you "WANT" it to be. Love is like a hurricane; completely unpredictable and irrefutable. We can find ourselves loving people we don't even crazy is that? Love can not be bought or sold and you can't make someone love you. You can't prevent it from happening, no amount of money can make it go away or come in. You can't market for love or put substance to it, it's not tangible or tactile. Sex can be bought, so can marriages even orgasm's can have a price on them but love can not be bought.

Love is not a reward, it can't be turned off. Love points out consequences of hurting oneself or others and brings along its friends; anger, pain and grief, to be expressed and released. Love does not hold back. Love cares what happens to you, what becomes of you. Love connects us all. Love knows that the "other" is oneself. Love can not be manipulated or restrained.


Saturday, December 27, 2014


"Don't hold together what must fall apart. The familiar life crumbles so the new life can begin." -Bryant McGill

This was my fear in the familiar; in my marriage, in my relationship after my marriage…however, I've finally started listening to what my fear was. The fear of being alone and that never thinking that I deserved the best. I figured out that I was really afraid of being lonely but if you love yourself, you are never alone. I also realized that I do deserve the best, whether someone wants to give me the best parts is up to themselves is up to them and I can't blame myself for wanting more. I should never settle, meaning that I felt I wasn't worthy of the best but I am and I'm figuring that out. I was comfortable in the familiar but living in that, out of fear. I underlined liar because thats what we tell ourselves when we are living in the familiar, lies. Stop being a liar to yourself. Love yourself and know that you are worthy and deserving of all happiness.

Namaste my loves

Saturday, December 13, 2014


In life I think we are truly blessed if we have 'aha' moments and can fully allow them to resonate and be observed…it happened and I wanted to share. I see a psychotherapist who is lovely, Dorothy Ratusney and we often work on may things but yesterday she encouraged me to refocus on my ideal mate list. I had two observations; one I don't want a mate, at least not right now, I want a friend. Second, who and what I am, is what I want in that mate or partner…so for now, I am my ideal mate! :)

Now truly looking at yourself and the things that you bring to your relationships, are the nitty-gritty and changing any of the things that aren't optimal are the bits that take courage. To face the fears that you have within yourself and to not hide from them. My past relationships had brought up insecurities that I thought I dealt with long again but when in the chaos, I became the chaos. Take refuge in a calm center and a heart full of gratitude.

To quote The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele, "Contentment is falling in love with your life".