Thursday, March 26, 2015

Princess and Prince

Should every little girl not have her Prince Charming, Knight, Champion? I think so. Where have gone the days of a man being a gentlemen; holding doors, pulling out chairs, putting a lady's coat on? I'm trying to figure out where society has turned men into boys. Why have ladies stopped being ladies; not accepting when a man holds a door open, gracefully. Come back men, there are still ladies out there. Where has all the love and respect gone for each other?

What is love?

Love is bigger than you are....why; the only thing you can do is invite love in, you can not dictate, control or make love what you "WANT" it to be. Love is like a hurricane; completely unpredictable and irrefutable. We can find ourselves loving people we don't even crazy is that? Love can not be bought or sold and you can't make someone love you. You can't prevent it from happening, no amount of money can make it go away or come in. You can't market for love or put substance to it, it's not tangible or tactile. Sex can be bought, so can marriages even orgasm's can have a price on them but love can not be bought.

Love is not a reward, it can't be turned off. Love points out consequences of hurting oneself or others and brings along its friends; anger, pain and grief, to be expressed and released. Love does not hold back. Love cares what happens to you, what becomes of you. Love connects us all. Love knows that the "other" is oneself. Love can not be manipulated or restrained.