Friday, January 21, 2011

Coming back to the present for a moment...

Good Morning Everyone,
Lets talk a little about the meal plan I am currently on and ones that I put my clients on. I want all my current clients and future clients to know that without determination and perseverance, it is extremely challenging to adhere to a meal plan. Life happens, right? Well, yes but that's where it is so important to be mentally strong and prepared. Having a thought out meal plan, that you could prepare with your eyes closed while knowing that your eating healthy will help you in the long run. Trust me, there are times when I'm out with friends or family and everyone is eating and drinking whatever they want, in copious's hard. That's where the mentally strong comes into play. You have to weigh the pros and cons (maybe in your head) and realize that you are striving to be healthy! NOT EVERYONE SHARES THE SAME GOAL, REMEMBER YOURS! It will be a constant battle but when you are older and you don't have diabetes or heart problems or joint problems or high blood pressure or a ton of other problems that occur with obesity, then you will be happy that you don't share the same goal as them.

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