Friday, March 10, 2017


Oh, the days of the week and how they can change our moods! However, does the job you have also determine the excitement to "get up and go"? Absolutely it does! I have the pleasure to do what I love, teach people that daily movement, eating well and spirirutal wellness. It's really a lifestyle change and a gift that you can give to yourself, every damn day! However, I'm not going to lie when I say that there is nothing I'd rather do than to stay snuggled up to my man, in our warm bed and just let the day slip away, from time to time. Once the week gets going, it seems that for most people that by Wednesday we've accepted that the work week is moving along and soon enough it will be Fri-yay and that Thursday is practically Fri-yay. By doing this, are we truly being in the present moment? I think not, so when your week starts, whenever that might be...just be. Just let the next day be the next day and the day after that be that day. Stop wishing your life away because this life is too precious and too short. Today is just today and today you will have lots of things and events and moments that make it great. Be in those moments, feel everything that goes along with those moments but don't put an attachment to those happenings...just observe, learn and grow. Enjoy today-yay! 
Much love and happiness....Shannon

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