Thursday, October 16, 2014


In the last few days, I've had the opportunity to be part of some very insightful conversations, in regards to separations or long-term marriages/relationships ending.

When a long-term relationship draws to an end, it seems there are so many different emotions that everyone goes through but it's interesting how each step and the length of each step can be so different, from one person to another. First, one person or both people, have to make the decision to end it. Even that first step can seem like a daunting task and it becomes such an emotional warfare, if not for the individual, for both people. If both people have come to a mutual agreement, it seems easier to move forward, to "let go". However, one observation I've made is this; if one person made the choice, alone, the other may not be ready to look toward the future. They can become intwined in the past; what the relationship use to be, what the individual meant to that person and the importance of the life they built together. These are all anchors that weigh us down and can lead to the destruction of the individual. 
It can be the breaking point between lifting your spirit, or disintegrating your soul. 

How does the individual succeed, in continuing their journey? Being with yourself and being comfortable in your skin. Finding the stillness and appreciation for YOU. Immerse yourself in love for yourself; through stillness. Be calm and the love will come.

How to handle situations that disrupt your clarity and calmness? Know that you are NOT ALONE, EVER! Being alone can be one of the scariest moments but it's a blessing to your worth, you are never alone. You are beautiful and strong and amazing! The THOUGHT of being alone scares us more then actually BEING ALONE, so remember that. Also being mindful that you don't let the other person walk all over you, take advantage or disrespect you. We can sometimes find the loneliness too much and we would sacrifice our own happiness to be unhappy in what we know and take comfort in it, even if it's wrong because we ultimately don't want to be "alone".

What drives you forward, within a new relationship? Look at the things in the relationship and in the person you were with, that didn't work. While no one is perfect, neither are you. Admit your faults and change them, that's the first step because if you can't help yourself to grow and change, you clearly will find an individual who can't either. If there are things that require work, DO THE WORK! Find a path that works for you; meditation, exercise, proper nutrition, self-help books, therapy, hypnosis and/or medication (short-term). Whatever helps you achieve your BLISS!!!

These are only the first few steps and I'll share as we all continue the journey. Strap on your backpack and lets pack it full of love, for OURSELVES!

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