Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sometimes I'm wrong...

The greatest gift, for me, are the people in my life. One of the more recent souls that I've been blessed to meet is Ken Langille. We met over a year and a bit ago and I've had the honour to stand next to him. He has brought out the best (and worst) in me but I am completely happy with that. He supports my decisions but also challenges me to face my mistakes, without forcing me or judging me. The most recent was my lack of truly being okay with whatever we say to each other and not using it against that person, at a later date. How often do we take information and use it to manipulate a discussion or situation? We've all done it, whether we'd like to admit it or not but the truth is, when we do that over an extended period of time, we can lose the trust of 'non-judgment' from our partner, friend, family member. I only hope that I can repair and rebuild what it is that I've demolished and that he'll help me with the construction, as he always has. Thank you for loving me and annoying the $h*t out of me. I love you, forever and a day. xx

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